Sai Flora Fluxo Incense


Incense stick measures 20-23cm


Lovely Sai Flora Incense Sticks Infuse your space with a relaxing scent while purifying and heightening your energy. Incense have been used in many different religious and spiritual practices throughout the world for centuries as a way to deepen the sense of being and allow enhanced focus and connection within mind, body and spirit.

These incense are hand rolled and are much thicker than the normal incense stick and have a sweet beautiful scent that deodorises the room they are burnt in. They come in a vibrant red packaging that contains 25gms of sticks. Bulk orders in lots of 6 and 12 packets are available and are further cost effective.

Warning: Always be mindful of safety first when burning any type of incense, cone, tablet, resin, sage/herb, oil or candle in order to negate personal harm and any fire hazards. Always use an incense burner or stand to contain the burning item and any ash produced, preferably on an fire-resistant surface. Always ensure it is out of the reach of children and never leave burning incense/Items unattended.

All domestic orders have a flat postal rate under the current Auspost price or is free when over $200.00. International shipping is also available at checkout. Please contact me for pricing should your country not be displayed. All orders will be shipped within 2-3 business days from date of order placement and all items will be cleansed with sage prior to packaging.  

All the photographs are a true selection of the item you will receive minus any props used. Their colour may vary as it is dependent on the resolution rates of the monitor or screen they are being viewed on.

Please read the products disclaimer section and always check the items measurements so you are well aware of the size prior to purchase.

We trust you will love your selected incense just as much as we do, and we thank you for supporting our small Australian business.




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