Hi, My name is Cindy, I started Lovely Sunshine Crystals back in December 2005.  I grew up in Sydney with a father that built his own Lapidary machines to cut and polish the opal and stones that he fossicked and purchased in his spare time and in his later years facetted along with many other precious gemstones. It  was amazing to see the transformation from one state to other and whilst I spent many a night learning and listening to my father talk about the lapidary and gemmological side of rocks I thought it was interesting but not really something I thought I would pursue, but little did I know that 25yrs later my children and I would be joining my father and mother at the national gemmological shows they camped at every year in different states of Australia.

How my journey began

Years later I visited a market stall table full of Crystals, they weren’t the Opals or rocks and cut slabs, I had grown up with, there was so many Crystals in all manner of forms.  I was in awe and spent hours at that table picking up everyone to examined it. They were all just so beautiful I wanted them all. That was the day I purchased my 1st Crystal; it was an Angel. I took it home and I remember just sitting connecting to it for the longest time, embracing and appreciating it’s beauty. I knew by the 2nd day after I purchased that beautiful angel, that I was meant to be with the mineral kingdom and to circulate them out to world for all that needed and resonated with them.

 I later called the store owner and whilst I could only afford to purchase a small amount of stock, I had enough to start my own stall, so a week later, I went to my 1st market.  By January of 2006, one month after setting up my humble little stall I had Registered Lovely Sunshine Crystals as a business and proceeded to gradually increase my stock bit by bit. I devoted all my spare time to it and over many many years continued to try build up the variety by continuing the market stalls on the weekend and a few years later selling on sites such as eBay and later again on Facebook.  I also joined a lapidary club and learnt what my dad was doing, how to cut, shape, polish and tumble the stones.  My father’s past knowledge proved helpful with this and my Mum in the later years taught me how to make those pretty Gem Trees I always loved.

In January 2009 I moved to a small country town in Queensland, and in doing so I was fortunate to be able to leave the market stalls behind and move into a shop front called Lovely Sunshine Crystals.  I loved that little shop, and even though it was very hard for many years with many trials and tribulations, my shop was my sanctuary and I just loved meeting all the like-minded people that visited and was blessed to make some lifelong friends there.

I had just on 8 years in that shop, then in 2016, personal reasons saw me packed up and moved back to my home roots of Sydney.

**The spark that Angel ignited that day at the market stall emerged as an innate passion that I consistently nurtured. ***

This Re-Launch is the beginning of an exciting new chapter. I have my own lapidary machines now and have re-joined a lapidary club to renew the craft, so hopefully the future will see me tumbling and making my own custom and unique items again, including Gemstone beaded jewellery and gift lines to offer to you.

Until then I have lot of stock that’s been waiting a long time to find their home, so please come back to my site often as I will be adding new product often.

I cannot express how grateful and happily excited I am to bring Lovely Sunshine Crystals back to life. My parents have always been a positive source of love to me and the foundations they gave that I have built from will never be forgotten. This website is a tribute to them as much as it is a celebration of my passion for this planet’s mineral life.

I am humbled to offer our Mother Earths precious gifts to you from this divine planet. The mineral kingdom in all its forms like us, is intrinsically connected to the universal way, to perfectly aid humanities healing and ascension.


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