Products Disclaimer


  • Please be advised that any and all listing’s that contain information displayed on Lovely Sunshine Crystals website and social media pages, including product descriptions and crystal meaning cards, pertaining to the spiritual and or medicinal properties or assumed benefits of an item are purely for an holistic informational reference purpose only.
  • Lovely Sunshine Crystals does not intend to override or deviate away from modern financial, legal or medical advise nor recommend using crystals as a substitute for conventional health, medical and/or psychological treatment.
  • We do not claim any particular crystal will cure or heal medical conditions or bring you wealth. Always listen to the advice, care and application of your financial, medical and/or health professional.
  • Please ensure you read all measurements and descriptions for every item carefully so you are fully aware of the details of the item you order prior to checkout.
  • Please note that for Crystal & Gemstone listings the mineralogy is always the same between the different sizes & shapes, but just like you and I, each piece is individual unto itself, so please make allowances and understand that if some have different grades of polish, a slight scratch, chip, uneven surfaces or divot it is generally accepted worldwide that these are a result from traveling a great distance and through many hands and processes since they were cultivated from Mother Earth before getting to me to offer them to you, and were the same when I purchased them.
  • It is our intention to provide you with the most accurate description for every item on offer. We know all to well the disappointment of receiving an anticipated item only to find it is in a different condition to what the listing stated or the photographs showed.  Please don’t forget that they were sold to me at the suppliers full price with these imperfections.
  • In all cases that we are aware of any major flaws and the photographs do not display them, it will be mentioned in the listing and the price will be reduced to accommodate that.
  • This is only in relation to some of the polished items,  as all natural pieces, points and specimens, tumble stones and some certain minerals that are always cracked when worked due to their internal structure or grade of mineral will be as the photographs shows with no mention as that is just how they are and that is visibly shown. 
  • I understand that we all want that perfect piece as it resembles what we aren’t, so if those crystals are not for you that is perfectly fine but if you are using for healing then the imperfection will not take away from that, in many cases it enhance it and they still have all their metaphysical properties.     
  • The photographs for all individual item listings are exactly what you will receive, and those for group listings will be one from the selection photographed. Great time and care have been taken to capture the differences within the selection on offer.
  • Not all photographs are to scale, meaning some have been taken on macro which shows a magnified/close up detail of the crystals surface and internal structure. The phone camera we use automatically decides this magnification.  This close up detail may make the crystal or item look larger than it is and may not be as visible on the crystal with general vision. This is another reason to always check the weight and measurements so to avoid undue disappointment upon the receipt of your item and also if many times this may not be noticeable on the item when not under magnification.