Amethyst Smoky Quartz Elestial1


Weights 42gm and measuring 5.8cmx 3cmx 2.4cm

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Resonates to all the Chakra

Colour Therapy:  Brown РBlack РPurple

Overcome Emotional Burdens РSynchronises Heart and Intellect  РConscious Self Actualisation РAligns to the Wisdom of the Universe

Elestial Crystals are categorised by multiple etchings and terminations along the face generally all in the same direction and hold the inherent memory of life before humanity, they are the enchanted crystal that brings the concepts of shiva. Their metaphysical properties are vast and many and it is on one of those crystals that require not only higher vibrational resonance but equally matched mental and emotional elevated understanding to fathom their truest potential and use.

This Elestial is cloudy with Smoky lining the edges, it has three finger placement areas one being a key formation on the main window it also a record keeper.

This Lovely Elestial weights 42gm and measuring 5.8cmx 3cmx 2.4cm.

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