About Us

Lovely Sunshine Cystals was founded late december 2005 on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia, in november 2005 the 1st crystal was purchased which happened to be a opalite/moonstone Angel, Eventhough it was unknown at the time that it was a synthetic made item there was a overwhelming love and truth felt that triggered a passion for the mineral world and awakened a desire to spend the rest of life working with and providing as many forms and types that could be found and afforded out to the world.

It took a few days to relise that the purchase and the chat with the closing down stall owner was a synconistic event that eventuated a week later in the purchase of a small quantity of different types so a small humble market stall could be started. From the following January Lovely Sunshine Crystals was registered as a business and has been a work in progress ever since. What starting with a round green garden table and umbrella doing a weekly market lasted three years and increased to a 3x3 market stall with many repeat customers and a shop on ebay. From inception a priority was to provide and maintain a high standard of price integrity and customer service whilst working to increase the variety of stock and researching as much as possible to learn and understand both the geological and metaphysical makeup of the minerals to provide acurate and informed information.

Early on blessed chance meetings ensued with amazing suppliers that held the same love and passion for the life of minerals and who traveled the world to aquire their stock to sell in Australia at prices below other wholesale markets. This enabled Lovely Sunshine Crystals to purchase good quantities of various forms and types to onsell for less than competitors retail prices whilst still providing a modest living.

Now 6 years on the ecomomy has changed greatly with natural resource prices rising, new cuts are opening up weekly and older ones are depleteing resulting in rarety and price rises of once common minerals, wholesale prices have been affected and are now much higher which has resulted in excallating prices in the retail industry for natures natural gifts through almost all avenues. Sadly some of those wonderful wholesale friends have passed on or gone on to other paths and they are greatly missed, much gratitude is felt for all the knowledge and wisdom they passed on.

In todays climate Lovely Sunshine Crystals continues to work by the same high standards of integrity with regards to pricing and customer service and continues to source quality crystals to sell at reasonable and affordable prices for all to own and use as the belief is that all minerals even the ugly ones are here to benifit each and every person and should not have to cost the earth just because they came from it. The Ebay shop no longer exists but a street Crystal shop is open in the beautiful Queensland country town of Blackbutt approx. 2hr inland from brisbane and Sunshine Coast.

If your ever passing through drop in for a chat and look. I am ever happy to now offer my range, accumulated collections and crafted hand made jewellery for you & the world to enjoy by way of this website. Please enjoy your way around the pages and thanks for reading my story.

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