Tumble stones

Tumbling stones are a common way of bringing out the natural beauty of a excavated stone or crystal. the general technique for tumbling is to use a plastic or rubber-lined barrel, fill with the desired rock to be tumbled making sure they are all of similar or the same hardness, add Silicon carbide grit, generally a lower number such as 100 is used 1st when rock is rough increasing the number as the rock becomes smooth and round as this will help with the polishing. Add water to form a slurry. Place the barrel on slowly rotating rails so that it turns around, the grit will gently wear the rough edges off the stone forming a smooth round surface over a period of time, generally 1 to 2 months of tumbling is sufficient for a high quality result. The barrel needs to be opened or burped every few days to release the build up of air from rotating and add more water as desired so the grit remains wet. Once finished, wash the stones well then place them in a new barrel with tin oxide powder and water to make a slurry. continue the rotational process again. The Tin oxide will coat the stone with a polished look bringing out the true beauty and color of the stone. It is advised to have two separate barrels, one for each process only.
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